The best part about getting a puppy is that you can name it anything you like. Either you choose a really extraordinary name like Sharkfin or go with the more common one like Caramel, no one’s ever going to judge you! Well, this couple from Oklahoma had just taken the naming game to a whole new level.

Ally Turley Young and her husband, Steven, fostered a terrier a few months prior. The pooch was included in the shelter’s kill list that day, so the couple decided to rescue her and take her home. But little did they know that she was already pregnant at that time.

After a couple more weeks, the terrier, which they fondly named as “Taco Belle,” gave birth to nine adorable puppies. Unfortunately, one of the puppies didn’t survive. The rest of the litter grew up healthy and bubbly.

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Before the couple turned over the puppies to the Country Roads Animal Shelter in Oklahoma City, they decided to christen them with names first. Since their mom is literally named after the famous fast-food chain, it makes perfect sense to call the pups after the menu at Taco Bell. So that’s exactly what they did.

The adorable pooches now go by the names Fiesta Potato, Doritos Loco, Cinnamon Twist, Gordita, Crunchwrap Supreme, Bellegrande, Quesarito, and Chalupa. Ally then posted their adorable names and photo on Facebook. And surprisingly, it gained quite the traction.

The post now has over 30k shares, over 40k comments, and over 28k reactions. Well, with those cute names, who could not fall in love with them? As of the moment, six of the pups have already found their forever homes.

Though Gordita and Crunchwrap Supreme are yet to find their loving owners, it wouldn’t be surprising if they get adopted within the next few weeks. Just look at this adorable face!

A few months ago Steven and I volunteered to foster a precious little male terrier who was on the day’s kill list. We…

Posted by Ally Turley Young on Monday, July 22, 2019

Courtesy of Ally Turley Young


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