Sugar was a senior pregnant Pitbull that was found by an animal shelter called iPittytheBull. Luckily, a kind couple named John and Briana loved to foster so they promised to help find Sugar her forever home.

Sugar’s story

John and Briana took Sugar to the vet for an initial check-up and found out she was pregnant. Sugar was at least seven years old and well past the age of giving birth so her pregnancy was very risky.

Because of Sugar’s age, the vet warned John and Briana that it was most likely that none of the puppies would survive. Despite the circumstances, John and Briana were hopeful and determined to do whatever they could to help Sugar.

A few days passed, Briana noticed that Sugar wasn’t eating nor drinking; a sign that she was in early labor. Briana feared that Sugar wouldn’t make it through labor so she spent the night beside the dog.

Sugar went into active labor around four in the morning and luckily, Briana was awake to help. Sugar gave birth to her son Crane without any problems.

The next puppy that came was named Cookie and she wasn’t breathing so she needed a little extra stimulation. The last puppy named Cube gasped for air as he came out. Briana warmed him up and blew air into him to make him stable.

Forever homes

The next day, Briana was concerned when she noticed that Sugar wasn’t giving any of her puppies attention. The puppies also had a hard time since their mother wasn’t producing any milk.

Briana resorted to bottle feeding all three pups. Once the puppies were out of Sugar’s sight, the mama dog began eating and acting like a normal dog again.

Luckily all three of the dogs were healthy. It didn’t take long before Briana found the puppies their own forever homes. On the other hand, Sugar stayed with her foster parents while they looked for the perfect family for her.

Watch the incredible story here:

Source: The Dodo via Youtube


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