What does your dog do when you are gone for a long period of time, and they have no idea why? Maybe they look for ways to occupy themselves if you are gone and wait for you to come home. Well if your dog is anything like this one, it will come to find you.

This little Schnauzer was on the hunt to find her owner, no matter what she had to do. All she knew is she would do what it took to find her owner and be with her again. She had no idea where her owner would be, but she did have a method to try to find her: her nose.

Unbelievably, this little pup used only her nose in order to find her owner. She followed her nose for an entire twenty blocks until she was able to find her at last. As it turns out, her owner was inside a hospital.

Was that enough to stop this dog, Sissy? Is this where she gave up? No, of course not!

Sissy made her way directly inside of the hospital, still solely relying on the power of her nose to accomplish her mission. It was not long before she made it inside to continue her search.

Once inside the hospital, she made her way through the hallways, still using her incredible nose, to finally find her owner. Her owner was there recovering from surgery and must have been ecstatic to her pup.

Generally speaking, dogs are not actually allowed inside hospitals for various reasons. However, Sissy was one lucky dog as the workers there decided to allow her to see her owner at last. What a crazy surprise for the owner of this dog to find with her amazing little Schnauzer!

Thank you to CBS evening news via YouTube for this video.


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