A weekend hiking trip turned memorable for one woman when she had to initiate a rescue operation in the Kalawahine trail in Honolulu. She heard whimpers and found two distressed dogs in a ravine. She immediately called for help and did not give up until someone responded to the rescue.

When Jacqueline Gonzales heard the crying dogs, she immediately thought about her own puppy at home. This gave her the determination to do everything to help the lost and stressed canines. She and her friend tried to get closer to where the dogs were, but they were not equipped to do the rescue themselves.

The dogs were stuck in a ravine about 20 feet deep. They immediately called for professionals but were disheartened at the initial response. Since they can’t claim to be the owners of the dogs in need of help, the Oahu Fire Department said they could not deploy a rescue team. Also, some of the local groups nearby are not capable of doing the rescue.

This did not deter Jacqueline, who intensified her efforts in finding help for the dogs. She took it to social media, which eventually yield the desired result. A man from Maui who has the skills and equipment volunteered to come to rescue the dogs.

Christopher Berquist, an accomplished search and rescue volunteer who is known for rescuing Amanda Eller in Maui, was the same man who answered Jacqueline’s plea for help. Together with Jenny Miller, his girlfriend, who works for the Humane Society of Maui, flew to Honolulu at their own expense. You can watch the incredibly exciting rescue here.

The dogs were immediately brought to the nearest shelter. A few hours later, the dogs who were identified as Akamai and Cowboy were reunited with their owners Lei and Kana Miguel, who have been frantically looking for them the past week. Thanks to these kind and self-sacrificing strangers, the dogs are now safe and happy at their home.

Video source: KHON2 News via YouTube


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