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A number of rescuers learned about a dog that was abandoned after someone told them about him. They went to the location and saw the dog in a field all alone.

The team saw that the dog had a number of health problems just by sight alone, but they knew that they had to get professional insight. So they secured the animal and took it to the vet.

The vet told them that the dog was more than 14 years old. He had problems with his heart, had otitis, and couldn’t see because he had cataract. This dog definitely needed care and a lot of love.

Because the dog was dirty, the team at the vet gave him a shave and some grooming. And that was when they saw that his skin was really bad because of wounds and ticks. There were also a few thorns stuck. To get proper medical help, the dog had to stay at the vet for a few days.

When the dog was a bit better, the dog was then taken to a foster home. The home had a big yard that this old dog could explore and run around in. He may be blind, but he definitely still had that fire in him to explore his surroundings.

She took her time walking around his new home and sniffed at everything. She also discovered a lot of new things, and she was happy doing just that.

Because she was already a senior dog, she easily would get tired. When she did, she would get some rest for a few minutes; then she would stand back up again and then go back to exploring.

Now, this senior dog who used to be a stray has a place to call home. She is enjoying life now as she should have years ago.

Source: DAR Animal Rescue


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