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Brooklyn spent 2,536 days in the New Jersey shelter system. It seemed hopeless for the dog to find a forever home, but on her 2,537th day at the shelter, a family came to the dog’s rescue. The Facebook page of the Hamilton Township Animal Shelter shared the fantastic development to its followers.

According to the post, it took the dog several years inside the shelter, but it was all worth it because the dog’s new family accepted the dog for whoever she is. The dog’s adoption came after the animal shelter posted a plea on their Facebook page regarding the case of Brooklyn.

Brooklyn became the longest resident inside the shelter because no one wanted to adopt her. The volunteers of the animal shelter suspected that it was because of his breed. The dog is a pit bull, and often, there is a negative perception of this breed for most people.

In the Facebook post, the volunteers mentioned that the dog is loving and loyal. Apart from this, Brooklyn likewise knows basic command and skills that will make her par with other dogs. The volunteers posted this information on Facebook because they were already desperate to find a home for Brooklyn.

At first, the volunteers did not expect that the post will gain traction, given the dog’s breed. But they got overwhelmed when the post became viral on Facebook. After that, the animal shelter received inquiries from different people in different states about the dog. Most of the people who called the animal shelter are willing to take the dog for good.

With this development, the volunteers carefully chose who to give the dog. After reviewing all the applications, the volunteers chose a couple living near the animal shelter. This is to ensure that the volunteers could still check on the dog now and then.

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