When we like something, it’s common for us to act on it. As humans, we’re lucky because we have the power to speak. Dogs don’t, so it’s a tad trickier for them to communicate what they want.

Communicating certainly isn’t a problem with this puppy named Roscoe. He’s a cheeky little dog, but mom wouldn’t have him any other way. She likes that he can express himself plenty.

This clip proves how Roscoe lets mom know what he feels. The duo lives in the United Kingdom, and every day, they pass by this café called Costa Coffee in Bridgend, Wales.

This puppy has developed a love for coffee because mom would frequent the coffee shop and chill. On this day, that’s what this hilarious furball wanted to do.

Unfortunately, mom’s itinerary for the day didn’t include a stop for coffee. Roscoe didn’t like that, so when mom tugged at his leash as they walked past the shop, he dropped to the ground.

The little rascal stuck his legs up, making the coffee patrons smile at his antics. Mom tried to gently encourage the hooligan to stand up, but he just moved to lay on his side.

Somebody obviously wanted coffee, and that was that. The amused smiles of the shop’s customers were evident. Who wouldn’t find this little one’s no-nonsense form of communication?

Roscoe may not be able to speak, but he made mom understand what he wanted. He also knew that mom wasn’t going to go there, but he still pushed for a little bit.

Mom then let go of his leash and walked away, the puppy just in her range of sight. She had to put her foot down, otherwise, this would be a recurring problem in the future.

The puppy had no choice but to follow mom. Don’t worry, Roscoe, there’s a time for everything. There will be other days for coffee, so look forward to that!

Credits to ViralHog via YouTube


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