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Everyone is aware of how noisy Huskies can be. Most people say that they sound very demanding. Well, it is this breed’s way of communicating with their humans and they just love doing that. They also would complain loudly if they needed to. They are also quite intelligent dogs.

Zeus, a talkative Husky, can certainly relate. His dog mother has been the object of his persistent, loud complaints.

Recently, a video of Zeus convincing someone to give him a treat surfaced on the internet. The footage was recorded and published to social media by his fur mom. And in an instant, it went viral.

In the video, Zeus and his German shepherd sibling entered their mother’s home office. It appeared that his mother had been inside the room for quite some time and was working.

As soon as Zeus’s mother spotted the two dogs, she asked them how they were. It appeared that Zeus’s brother was aware of upcoming events. He simply remained there, glancing back and forth between his drama-prone sibling and his confused mother.

Zeus’s began screaming as though requesting something from her. Her mother may be heard in the background guessing the cause of such noise. According to her, Zeus was allowed to go out of the house so not being able to enjoy the outdoors was definitely not the cause.

She decided to follow Zeus since she could not think of any other reason. She believed that something was happening that she had overlooked.

As soon as they arrived at Zeus’s food bowl, he began to howl more intensely. However, his water and food dishes were still full. Her mother attempted to explain that he had food and water.

To the fur mom’s surprise, the dog’s loud howling intensified. It was a long howl of anguish this time. His mother recognized that he wanted something different.

His mother knew he wanted some sweets. With that, she mocked Zeus by suggesting that he’s being a bad dog. However, Zeus is a smart dog who understands that his mother did not intend what she said. He was also aware that he was about to get what he wanted.

Zeus soon received his treat. His mother informed him that it would be his final batch of treats. But we all know that there’ll be plenty more soon!

Source: Rumble Viral


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