A huge brown dog appeared out of nowhere in a neighborhood in Van Nuys, California. But while his size was a bit intimidating, he actually feared people. He kept his distance all the time and always found a hiding place away from humans.

The pup wandered the streets for a few days until he decided to take refuge in one of the houses. He hang out in the yard most of the time and only stepped out when he needed to search for food. It was great that the family who owned the property never shooed him away. In fact, they even decided to call for help.

Many concerned locals tried to catch the dog for his own safety. The pup, however, was too wary of strangers and he never allowed anyone to come too close, let alone touch him. He simply wanted them to leave him alone even though he knew it won’t happen.

Eventually, the neighbors got in contact with Rescue From The Hart, a local animal rescue organization. They explained what the situation was and its founder, Annie Hart, did not hesitate to lend a hand. She quickly drove to the rescue site to save the dog.

Annie was in a hurry because, at that time, bad weather was coming in. She didn’t want the dog to be out on the streets while rain poured down. She wanted to ensure that the pup was safe before it even drizzled.

The rescuer tried to see if the dog would be interested in food. Surprisingly, he was. Despite his fear of the newcomer, he walked toward her and ate the treats she offered. And just like that, she caught him with the snare.

Annie comforted the dog and waited for a few minutes before loading him into her car. And just as when they were about to head to the vet’s office, it started to sprinkle. A few more minutes later and heavy rain poured. Hence, she decided to call him Rainn.

Rainn underwent training so he could learn to trust humans again and he made enormous progress. Because of all his hard work, he was able to start fresh and he was grateful for everyone who believed in him.

Credits to Rescue From The Hart


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