Some dogs stay far too long inside a shelter before finding a home. Usually, it’s because they have a personality problem that makes them undesirable for many people. Fortunately, once such problems are solved, their fate changes.

A brown Labrador named Bella had been in a shelter for 130 days. That was until a man named Chris volunteered to be her foster dad. His goal was to make Bella more friendly and find a good home that would take her in.

The shelter warned Chris that Bella is not the nicest dog. She’s aloof and would often respond negatively to touches. Chris experienced Bella’s bad side during the first week of taking care of her. However, it did not discourage him from his fostering goals.

Chris did everything he could to convey to Bella that she was safe. He bought snacks for her and fed her very frequently. He also took her on many walks, which Bella wasn’t enthusiastic about. All this effort didn’t go to waste because Bella started warming up to Chris.

There was one moment when Chris felt a real bond being formed between him and Bella. This happened while he was giving her a bath. It’s not such an odd situation to feel a connection since the act of cleaning a dog is filled with love.

Eventually, Bella changed and became ready for adoption. Chris brought her to the shelter, where she approached everyone she remembered there. It was there that they would meet her future owners.

A couple from a different state drove all the way to the shelter to pick up Bella. When they approached her, she greeted them and ate the treats given to her. Bella then followed her new owners to their car, and that was the start of her new life.

It was a bittersweet moment for Chris. However, he understands that saying goodbye opens up more opportunities. He will have more chances to save other dogs like Bella, which matters to him the most.

Video courtesy of The Dodo via YouTube.


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