There is nothing more relaxing than coming back to your hotel in a room full of scented candles and a fancy dinner. But if you think that your vacation can’t get any better than that, then think again. Because this hotel is leveling up their game as they offer their guests an extraordinary package of puppies and prosecco!

Kimpton Hotel Monaco located in Denver, Colorado is giving their patrons a chance to indulge in the sweet life of puppy heaven. The package, which they fondly call as “Puppies + Prosecco,” is available for guests staying at their Luxury Suite from August 23 to 26.

The promo was inspired by the National Dog Day happening on the 26th. Guests will be provided with an hour-long cuddle with six to ten pups as they enjoy their complimentary Italian Cicchetti and prosecco. The puppies, all of which are residents of Lifeline Puppy Rescue, will be accompanied by a puppy expert to handle all the guests’ inquiries.

puppies, puppy, pup

Fifty percent of the proceeds of the promo will go to the Lifeline Puppy Rescue, a no-kill shelter who rescues puppies from the Rocky Mountain region. The best part of the package is you are free to take home any of the puppies for yourself! Yes, all of these fur babies are up for adoption.

So don’t be surprised that you’ll be coming home with a new family member or two! The general manager of the hotel mentioned that they like making their guests feel at home at their hotel. As it turns out, it isn’t the first time they incorporated puppies into their promos.

They have included pups into their evening wine hour program. Seeing the positive feedback from the customers, they decided to use the concept again, but this time, in a more private setting.

We can’t wait to try this new package!

Courtesy of Monaco-Denver


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