Obese senior dogs aren’t the most popular dogs. The sad reality is that these dogs usually end up abandoned at a shelter. Fortunately, some good people see the beauty of these old dogs and try to give them a happy life in their last remaining years.

One day, Claire saw an obese chihuahua when she picked up her mother’s foster dog. She immediately took a liking to that dog and adopted it. Claire found out that the dog’s name was Shorty and had a previous owner who had already passed away.

Shorty weighed 18 pounds when she got adopted. That weight is too much for a chihuahua, so Claire worked on the dog’s diet. The dog couldn’t go on proper walks, so a proper diet was the key to the initial weight loss.

After losing a few pounds, Shorty could go on long walks. He eventually got down to eight, and sometimes seven pounds. Overall, the weight loss journey brought Claire and Shorty closer than ever.

The chihuahua also became a favorite friend to Toad, Claire’s other dog. He was rough with big dogs but gentle with Shorty. Toad is obsessed with the little dog, but Shorty doesn’t reciprocate. The small dog was indifferent to Toad but was also tolerant, which was good enough for Claire.

Short crossed the rainbow bridge back in 2021. It was expected to happen to a senior dog, but Claire made sure Shorty had a good three years with her. Of course, she wished that she could have spent more than three years with her.

Not everyone would do what Claire did. Shorty was a lucky Chihuahua. Without his rescuer, he might not have experienced life at a normal weight. Everyone could learn a thing or two from Claire’s great act of generosity.

Source: GeoBeats Animals via YouTube.


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