A dog’s silly behavior can be its most charming feature. Many people love dogs who are goofballs because they find them entertaining. People love going back home after a long day of work and being greeted by their silly and loving dog.

Prince is a pit bull that exemplifies what it’s like to be goofy. His owners describe him as a dog who has no regard for personal space and fears missing out. Prince will always put his head on top of his owner’s head and get in their way when they’re exercising at home.

Despite being up in everyone’s face, everybody loves Prince. Kristi, Prince’s grandma, doesn’t mind him getting in the way of her indoor exercises. She just expects added weight whenever she’s doing pushups. Kristi considers the dog’s antics as a challenge and welcomes it.

Prince used to be shy and nervous when he was first adopted. He only came out of his shell when he was brought to Kristi’s home and met her other dogs. Since then, he slowly revealed his silly and goofy side.

Kristi is already familiar with every antic that Prince does. For example, he loves stealing random objects inside the house. One time, Kristi caught him with a sports bra in his mouth, and she found it hilarious. Furthermore, the silly dog loves picking up sticks whenever he is out on a walk.

Prince lives with Kristi’s son in Chicago while she is in Texas. This means that they only get to see each other on certain occasions. That’s why whenever Prince and Kristi meet, the dog is overwhelmed with excitement.

Kristi never knew how dogs could be so loving until her son got a pit bull. She’s proud to say that Prince means the world to her. There’s no way to describe how glad Kristi is that Prince entered her life.

Source: The Dodo via YouTube.


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