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The majority of us adore dogs, especially if they are still puppies. This is not surprising since puppies are usually cuter and fluffier. They also are more energetic and love to play most of the time. However, real dog lovers do not just love dogs when they are still puppies. They love dogs even as they become adults.

It is such a tragedy that there are heartless individuals who don’t want dogs at all, and they would abandon them in the open, without food or shelter and they do not really care if the animals live or not.

A crew of Howl of a Dog animal rescuers discovered three abandoned puppies on the side of a busy road. They observed them playing together, and not knowing that they were in imminent danger of being struck by passing vehicles. The rescuers from the animal rescue group were relieved that they came just in time to save the puppies from a horrific fate.

The individuals who abandoned the puppies had left behind a small crate and some makeshift water containers made from plastic bottles. However, the pups cannot survive alone in this environment, so the rescuers decided to bring them to safety. After ensuring that there were no additional canines in need in the area, they loaded the puppies into their vehicle and continued on their trip.

All of the canines’ coats were filthy and infested with fleas. Therefore, the rescuers gave them a wash to remove the parasites from their bodies and clean them up. Surprisingly, the puppies were well-behaved during their baths and even appeared to enjoy it.

Jane, Jack, and Julia became the names of the three adorable canines. They were all dewormed and treated for fleas, and are now healthy and content puppies. However, they are still waiting for families who would take them in and give them a forever home.

Source: Howl Of A Dog


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