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Road Dogs And Rescue is a group founded by Nikki Carvey, and the group’s goal is to hep bulldogs that needed medical help by fostering them. They have been able to help more than 100 bulldogs, and among those, it was Tiggy who stood out.

Tiggy was a really small bulldog, but she had a huge attitude. She would bark loudly to get the attention of people. She also had Swimmer’s syndrome, so her legs were spread out. Nikki even attempted to tape the legs so Tiggy can stand on her own feet.

Soon, Tiggy stood on her own, and she started to walk, too. The dog just had to try doing it many times so that her muscles would get used to it.

In a few weeks, Tiggy was stronger, and she was ready for rehab. She may be small, but she was resilient and didn’t know how to give up. She was ready to do things and was ready to take on obstacles.

She also wasn’t scared of any dogs bigger than her. She loved playing with other dogs. Thanks to her rehab, Tiggy is able to run around with them.

Nikki was happy and proud of what Tiggy has accomplished. Soon enough, Tiggy was ready to get adopted.

A woman named Carissa Harrison fell in love with Tiggy when she saw her when she visited the rescue shelter. She had always loved bulldog puppies and was looking for a new one to adopt.

That day that Carissa went to the shelter, she signed all the necessary documents and was able to take Tiggy home with her. She and Tiggy had a long drive to get back home to Seattle, and Carissa was very excited to give Tiggy her new home.

Tiggy is happy with Carissa and loves going on walks around the neighborhood.

Source: The Dodo


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