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Pika is a French bulldog. Her parents thought that it was a great idea to get a dog as a pet. But they didn’t think about all the other things that come with having a pet like having enough time, patience, and resources to take care of the dog.

One day, police officers found Pika inside a hole in a chop shop’s backyard. The hole has been covered up by a wooden plank. Police officers discovered the hole because they had been investigating the chop shop which was in Los Angeles.

When Pika was rescued, the dog was very dirty and didn’t have any hair on her. The police officers had been puzzled because when they first saw Pika inside the hole, they weren’t sure what they were looking at. They didn’t even recognize that it was a dog inside the hole. The officers brought Pika to the Riverside County Animal Services so she could get help.

Pika had mange. She also had infections in her eyes and ears because of all the dirt that was on her.

After getting treatment, Pika was then taken to the Luvable Dog Rescue, which is a nonprofit group that helps rescued dogs get homes. The director of the group, Liesl Wilhardt, welcomed Pika and helped her find a home that would be hers forever.

In her new home, Pika has fur-siblings and she is happy to have them around. They play a lot and spend time together.

According to Leisl, when Pika was brought to her new home, she immediately adjusted to her new surroundings. She even became loving and warm to her fur parents and to her siblings. In fact, she now seems to be the leader of the entire pack!

It may have been luck that Pika was found but it surely is a good thing. Now, Pika is living her second chance at having a great life.

Source: The Dodo


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