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A couple named John and Casey was searching for a new dog to become part of their family. They were already the fur parents of two hound mixes – Delta and Whiskey.

The couple went to a rescue center and met with the owner, Tia. They told her about their plans to adopt. They wanted to involve their dogs in selecting the new member of their family. If Tia introduces a dog and the two hound mixes are okay with it, then that was the dog they were getting.

Tia was happy with how the couple wanted to handle the selection process. She first introduced Loki, a dog who got along with everyone. He was energetic and positive. All humans were waiting to see if the couple’s dogs were fine with Loki.

The entire thing went without a hitch. Loki immediately played with Delta and Whiskey. The humans watched as the three dogs ran and played tag with each other. Loki also showed the two dogs the small pond where they splashed around. The couple was happy with how things went.

In a few days, Tia’s daughter, Mariah, went to North Carolina, bringing Loki with her. She went to John and Casey’s home to check out if it was a good place for Loki. It was since the couple already had two dogs and they had a big backyard.

Mariah let Loki check out the backyard, and then she took Loki to the front of the house. While they were in front, the couple took the two other dogs to the backyard. Mariah did this so she can take Loki to the backyard again and let the two dogs be reintroduced to Loki since it was their territory.

Nothing untoward happened, and the three dogs continued where they left off the last time. Loki was an instant part of the family.

Source: Animal Planet


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