It all started when a woman turned over a dehydrated and emaciated Pit Bull to the Granite Hill Animal Hospital. The dog was discovered wandering about the streets of Elberton, Georgia before she was rescued.

The first meeting

Andy Mathis was the veterinarian on duty when the Pit Bull, Graycie Clairs, was brought to the hospital. He wasn’t sure that the dog would survive the night. Dr. Mathis thought of euthanizing her to end her suffering, but something in him stopped him from doing that.

He posted his thoughts on Facebook and asked for advice from his fellow vets. After reading the replies and giving it much thought, Dr. Mathis decided to give Graycie Clairs a second chance in life.

Down with the sickness

Aside from being malnourished, Graycie Clairs was also suffering from anemia and uterine infection. She tensed up whenever people approached her, which meant that she was abused. Dr. Mathis knew that Graycie Clairs’ healing journey was going to be long and difficult, but he did not want to give up on her.

The best medicine is love

He did everything he could to earn the Pit Bull’s trust. There were days when he would climb into Graycie Clairs’ cage to have a meal with her. He would carry two bowls for him and Graycie Clairs to encourage her to eat. The reluctant dog eventually tore down her walls and ate from his hand.

Graycie Clairs stayed in the hospital so Dr. Mathis can keep a close eye on her. She was given medication, therapy, and rehabilitation to help her heal from her wounds. Perhaps the best medicine that she received from Dr. Mathis was love. If it weren’t for that, she wouldn’t have learned to trust humans again. Watch the touching video below:

Credits to Dr. Andy Mathis


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