When we decide to get a pet dog, we often think about what the breed we want to have or how much it would be to get one from the breeder.

As dog lovers, we might want to consider that there are millions of stray dogs out there that need rescuing and a family and home that they can stay in forever.

Shelter dogs have a bad reputation. These dogs are often associated with disease, aggressive behavior, and poor social skills with humans. Hence, the reason why people get put off by adopting shelter dogs.

However, nothing can be further from the truth. Rescue dogs can be the best dogs you can ever have.

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Why adopt rescue dogs?

Saving a life

You save a life when you adopt rescue dogs. Dogs that aren’t adopted end up getting euthanized. Choosing a shelter dog means you save them and give them a chance to have a family and a home.

Earning a friend for life

The second reason is that rescue dogs will show their appreciation when they feel loved. Dogs love unconditionally. They are very affectionate towards the person or family who adopts them. They may get shy at first or feel unsure, but once they warm up to you, they’ll never stop giving you love.

They change your life for the better

Getting a rescue dog will change your life. Just seeing them excited for that daily walk will force you to get up on your feet and go out with them. You’re not only going to get exercise, but they will make you more social and outgoing even if you don’t consider yourself as an extrovert.

You get the dog breed you want

You’ll find that dog shelters and rescue organization houses dogs of different breeds. From small toy dogs to gigantic hundred-pound dogs, you will find the dog breed that is perfect for you.

Here’s a great video highlighting why adopting instead of buying is better.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube

Thank you The Dodo for inspiring people to adopt these beautiful animals and giving them a chance for a happy life.


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