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Remington, a two-year-old golden retriever, is the newest member of the Chapel Hill baseball team of the University of North Carolina. Remington began his career as an assistance dog and is now on his way to stardom as the team’s celebrity member. However, the dog is not the superstar player that we believe him to be – he is there to provide emotional support to his teammates.

He is like the team’s youngest member. He provides comfort, care, and tranquility after every game. The athletes anticipate high-fives and fist bumps with Remington at every practice and they all love interacting with the dog.

Aside from these, Remington’s trainer boasts that the dog knows 100 different commands. He can open and close the refrigerator, wave, turn, read his instructions from cards, and even whisper!

Remington would take a bucket of balls to the team before every home game and stands with his teammates while clutching his cap in his mouth when the national anthem is played.

The majority of the time, the boys attend therapy solely to see Remington. A player also revealed that the dog’s presence is unique to them and that knowing Remington is always around is priceless.

Remington serves as the boys’ source of positivity whenever they are feeling sad, especially when the time for exams comes around. Everyone feels better upon seeing him as he has the ability to uplift others.

Remington is an instant stress reliever. In fact, one of the boys stated that their games and grades had steadily improved since his arrival.

This dog is not an ordinary dog – he is intelligent, affectionate, and disciplined. He has the ability to charm people. His inherent charisma is something that the baseball team players cannot ignore.

Remington shows us all that dogs need a place in the world of sports not just to play, but also to provide positive energy to teams and individuals.

Source: Inside Edition


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